Located in Lerberget, Sweden

Consultations via Skype or in person

+46 709 665 901


I connect into a space where guides and other assisting consciousness are present. Here I highlight the communication that is available in the moment. It can be guided on an energetic, emotional, mental or physical level. It depends what’s most appropriate in your Now.

I experience this as a communication from Yourself to yourself.

As we develop a stronger contact with our own intuition and our guides, we come into a space where much more flow can happen in our life. A remembrance occurs that supports us in a deeper awakening to our True Self.

Contact me thru e-mail or phone and then we make an appointment on Skype or in person.

Payment: a session takes about an hour.
The cost for this is 750 skr. or € 80.

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Sweden, Lerberget, Skåne

Telephone: +46 709 665 901


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