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"I’m here because I know myself to be here" 

About me

My interest for alternative treatment began very early in my teenage years and with that my interest for spirituality. Since then I’ve explored deep into myself, both physically, mentally, emotionally and in spirit.

As I challenge my way of perceiving the world around me and expand in the concept of who and what I am, I find an inner calmness and a deeper sense of love.

I use my intuition to assist others in their navigation into a more expansive space and knowing of themself.

The Stargate spoke to me the very first time I came in contact with it, in the early 90’s. I feel very connected to Alcazar, to the Stargate structure and the benevolent energies that work through it. The profound beauty of this work, for me, is how soft and lovingly transformation can occur. By just allowing the body and mind to relax and being vibrated into deep Universal love, in that space we can re-remember the vastness of ourselves. As the Stargate structure holds a frequency where it’s easy to tap into the Quantum field, it invites us to connect with all the potency that lies there. ​

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Sweden, Lerberget, Skåne

Telephone: +46 709 665 901

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