¨We invite you to unfold in the presence of each other¨

The profound beauty of this work, for me, is how soft and loving transformation can occur. 

-By just allowing for the body and mind to relax and being vibrated into a deep Universal love, and in that space re-remember the vastness of ourselves.

As the Stargate structure holds a frequency where it’s easy to tap into the Quantum field, it invites to connect with all the potency that lies there.

I’m deeply grateful to be able to assist in the awakening of ourselves, our potential and the beauty that each of us carry within.



I believe that we are surrounded by a continuous stream of communication in our everyday life. As we go about our day we create a dialoge with ourself so we can mirror and understand our belief systems and in decoding them we can change them. When we change our thought forms, our belief systems, we change the way we perceive the world. 

I see myself as a translator between you and your higher self. Sometimes it's a challenge to hear and understand the subtle messages that are being communicated from Yourself to yourself. 

Starting to communicate with your own inner wisdom supports an opening to a more abundant and vibrant lifestyle.  


I felt the energy before you mentioned it and I felt such joy. The crystalline energy grew even stronger and I remembered that I recognized it. It was like I've known it since before and it made me very happy.


The tears pour down Ann-Sofie and I feel how the flashlight lights up my heart and it’s so vast and bright there…

I feel such love and happiness and my eyes hurt from my mascara…

What a fantastic experience. I’m feeling so touched and loved…

Again, thank you so much.


I'll send you the updates for coming events and happenings.